Texas Pyracantha Jelly

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Pyracantha Jelly from Pyracantha coccinea (firethorn, scarlet firethorn Rosaceae -rose Family-) Once you have seen a pyracantha bush you will not mistake it for anything else. The colorful orange-red berries stab at the sky and leave you breathless. They advertise … Continue reading

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Satsuma Orange Jelly

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Satsuma Orange Jelly- I absolutely love oranges. They rank right up there with strawberries. However, when you talk jellies you don’t hear about orange jelly, rather you must eat orange marmalade. I am not a fan of marmalade so I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Jam

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Pumpkin Pie Jam Pumpkins, a type of squash, were grown in Mexico and Central America over 7,000 years ago. However, I doubt any of the native inhabitants there thought about making pumpkin jam out of them. Since I had already … Continue reading

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Zucchini Jam

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Zucchini  squash is a vegetable that  often produces quite a crop of ripe squash. As I was picking off the squash from a plant someone teased me if I was going to make it into jelly or jam, knowing that … Continue reading

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Basil Jelly

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Basil Jelly? When I told people that I had made Basil Jelly I took everyone for surprise. I was challenged to make this jelly when I was at my community garden while picking basil for pesto. The other gardeners wanted … Continue reading

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Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera) Jelly

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Sea Grape Jelly brings to mind grapes growing by the seaside but that is not the true picture. Instead  imagine a small tree (up to 30 ft. tall) loaded with bunches of green/purple fruit at the seaside.  The fruit is … Continue reading

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Netal Plum Jelly and Jam

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Natal Plum (carrisa grandiflora) is native to South Africa but grows well in Texas (particularly the southern part), Florida, Arizona, and California. The flower is a beautiful white star. Although the plant blooms in the spring you can find flowers … Continue reading

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What can I make into jelly now in hot Texas?

It is hot August (almost September) and you are wondering to yourself what could you possibly make into jelly in Texas. Well, I have the answers for you. And note that there are lots of delicious jelly possibilities still awaiting … Continue reading

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Pear Jelly

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Pears are one of my favorite fruit. Usually their juice is running down my face in all its sweet glory. The pears I picked for my jelly weren’t that type of pear. They were tasty even though they were still … Continue reading

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Blanco Crabapple Jelly

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Blanco Crabapple ( pyrus ioensis, prairie crabapple) is truly a Texas fruit so jelly made from it is a Texas Jelly since it grows wild only on limestone slopes and creeks in the Edwards Plateau in central Texas. It has … Continue reading

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