Satsuma Orange Jelly

Satsuma Orange Jelly-

I absolutely love oranges. They rank right up there with strawberries. However, when you talk jellies you don’t hear about orange jelly, rather you must eat orange marmalade. I am not a fan of marmalade so I decided to come up with an orange jelly. It has a beautiful color and a nice tangy taste most people truly love. The reason I listed this jelly under Satsuma is that it is a type of orange that will grow down to 15 degrees and not get damaged. This therefore expands the range of citrus in Texas beyond the coast and the Valley. However, any orange will make orange jelly. Oranges are easy to pick and don’t require too many fruit to make a jelly. If you have an electric juicer then it is very easy to make too. I have juiced many an orange with hand juicers but I would not give up my electric juicer without a fight.

Wash your fruit, and then cut them into halves. I prepare most of my fruit before I get my juicer going so that I can streamline my juice making. Juice the fruit. You will need 4 cups of juice but make a cup more than that because you will want to remove the pulp.  You can either use a sieve or cheese cloth. I then add the juice and the sugar to my cooking pot. When it has come to a rolling boil I add the no sugar needed pectin. I continue to let it boil for a full minute. I then let it cool slightly and then pour into freezer containers.

Satsuma Orange Jelly Recipe

4 cups orange juice                                  

3 cups sugar

1 pkg no sugar needed pectin

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2 Responses to Satsuma Orange Jelly

  1. Rita says:

    I will make the Satsuma jelly in season; wondering can a reduced sugar procedure be done; my sister is diabetic; right now I’m preparing native plums for freezing for jelly making later; may mix the plum and satsuma; what do you think? Thanks, enjoyed your article.

    • Rita- The nice thing about using No-sugar-added pectin is one can use as little sugar as you want. I have not made plum and satsuma mix but my suggestion is to make up the two juices (freezing if not ripe at the same time) and mix a small amount to see what the combined juice looks and tastes like. Then if you like the color and the taste then make a jelly with it. Let us know what you discover. Glad you liked the article.

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