Zucchini Jam

Zucchini  squash is a vegetable that  often produces quite a crop of ripe squash. As I was picking off the squash from a plant someone teased me if I was going to make it into jelly or jam, knowing that I seem to make everything into jelly. Before that I had no thought of making it into jelly, rather I was going to turn it into bread. However, a challenge is a challenge. I researched the recipe but found few recipes that suited me. Most recipes called for jello rather than pectin. So I decided to make jam utilizing pectin. I cut up the squash into small pieces. I cut up enough that I had 8 cups of squash. I put the pieces into my cooking pot along with enough water to cover the squash. I cooked the squash until the pieces turned a clear color. I then added a drop of green food coloring to the mixture. I then added 3 cups of sugar. After bringing it once again to a hard boil I added the pectin. I added a little bit of margarine to prevent the jelly from having foam. I then let it boil for a minute. I then let it cool somewhat I poured it into a freezer container. After it jelled, I froze it in my freezer.  What an unusual jam. It has a pleasant texture and a pretty color. Everyone who has tasted it was surprised that it had a delicious flavor.

Zucchini Squash Jam Recipe 

8 cups chopped zucchini


3 cups sugar

1 pkg no sugar needed pectin

green food coloring (optional)


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7 Responses to Zucchini Jam

  1. Ren Jones says:

    What about using regular Sure Jell? Instead of freezing have you used a 10 minute water bath or paraffin wax for a seal?

    • The pH of squash is highly variable I would not recommend canning squash jams without verifying with a pH meter.
      When I was a young man many moons ago I used paraffin wax for a seal but today they do not recommend it because of bacterial concerns.

  2. CountryDreamer2010 says:

    please describe to the taste more. it sounds very interesting…

    • CountryDreamer-
      It had the texture of chunky applesauce with the taste of sweet cooked squash. It reminded me of the squash or pumpkin candies I have eaten. Definitely worth making if you have enough squash. Not only is it tasty it is relatively easy to make too.

      • CountryDreamer2010 says:

        sounds like I would enjoy it. My daughter surprisingly like squash, but only when my Sister-in-law makes it. I will have to mention this one to her. Thanks for the response!

  3. Nickole says:

    This is wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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