Basil Jelly

Basil Jelly? When I told people that I had made Basil Jelly I took everyone for surprise. I was challenged to make this jelly when I was at my community garden while picking basil for pesto. The other gardeners wanted to know why I wasn’t making it into jelly. So I researched the topic, and found that many others have made Basil Jelly, so why not me? Hence, Basil Jelly. We had a huge supply of basil so I was able to cut a large handful of leaves. I washed the leaves and then chopped them into small pieces. I did not use a food processor because I have found that the processor cuts them up so fine that it makes for a very dark colored jelly. I added the 4 cups of chopped basil to 4 cups of boiling water. This certainly gave off a strong basil aroma into the house while cooking. I let the bail cook long enough to change colors. The water changed to a yellow color. I then poured the liquid through a sieve. I then added one drop of green food coloring. I then returned the liquid to the pot and added 3 cups of sugar. After bringing the mixture to a hard boil I then added the no sugar needed pectin. After letting it cool I poured it into freezer containers. When the jelly had jelled I then froze the pretty green jelly. This jelly would be great with cheeses or meats  rather than on toast.

Basil Jelly Recipe

4 cups water

4 cups chopped basil

3 cups of sugar

1 pkg no sugar needed pectin

green food coloring (optional)

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7 Responses to Basil Jelly

  1. fran hagaman says:

    THe dark purple basil makes a nice jelly also. Wonder how the lemon basil would work out. I have ten or so plants of it this year.

    • What color is the jelly from the dark purple basil? Pinkish? I imagine the lemon basil would taste great. Ten plants will give you more than enough for jelly. I have the cinnamon, lemon citrus, glove, and red robin. I will have to try those this year. I bet the purple and the red robin both would make pretty jelly. Enjoy. Thanks for joining us. Feel free to subscribe.

      • Fran Bolton says:

        Can I add lemon balm to the recipe. If so, how much?

      • Fran-
        I have not made the jelly with lemon balm added. It sounds like a good idea. I am not sure which flavor is stronger. I suspect the basil would be a stronger flavor. I would start with 4 cups of lemon balm in 4 cups of water. After processing the juice, I would add 1 cup of the basil juice (made as per my recipe) to 2 cups of lemon balm juice. At this point you would taste it to see which flavor wins out. I would then add more of which ever taste is less prevalent. Either way you want to end up with 4 cups of liquid. Please let us know what combination you ended up with and how you like it. I suspect lemon basil would make a good jelly too.

  2. Melanie says:

    Can I get the full recipe for the basil jelly

  3. Brenda Lee A says:

    As before can you Cann this instead of putting it into the freezer?

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