What can I make into jelly now in hot Texas?

It is hot August (almost September) and you are wondering to yourself what could you possibly make into jelly in Texas. Well, I have the answers for you. And note that there are lots of delicious jelly possibilities still awaiting us.

1. Cactus fruit is still producing right now. *

2. Pomegranate fruit is  producing or soon will be.*

3. Crabapples are ready in some areas.*

4. Pears are soon to be producing in great numbers.*

5. Peaches are still to be found in some orchards.*

6. Jujubes are either producing or soon will be.*

7. Mesquite beans are still hanging on everywhere.*

8. Mexican Persimmons can still be found.*

9. Natal plums and Sea grapes can be found and will continue to be found until frost in coastal areas.

10. Japanese persimmons will be found in September, October, and November.

11. Wild American persimmons can be found in  October, November, and December.

12. Pyracantha will be ready for making into jelly in November and December.

13. Rosehips will be available in October and later as they turn red.

14. Sumac will be ready in October and on into the spring.

15. Tomatoes continue to produce or will soon produce again as our fall gardens take on new life.

16. Herbal jellies will be available for making all the way until frost.

17. Barbados Cherry will be ready to harvest in October, November, and December.

18. Beautyberry will be ready in October through December.

19. Of course cantelope and watermelon will be ready for a long time to come.*

20. For those lucky enough to have citrus trees, limes, oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus will be ready from November onward.

21. My papayas have not yet produced fruit but there is still time for us to harvest papayas.

22. If you have started new ground cherry plants you will get some groundcherries before frost.*

The * indicates the fruits that I have already covered. The remainder I will cover when possible.

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