Jujube Butter or Jujube Sauce

Jujube (Zizphus zizyphus) or Chinese Date is a tree from Persia or China dating  thousands of years of cultivation. In Texas we have  Jujubes that were brought over from Europe in 1875. Jujubes are a 30 foot tall tree that grows practically straight. Its branches do not grow very far from its trunk. It produces a fruit in July-August that when mature looks like a red date but tastes like a dry apple. They are also edible but not as sweet when almost ripe but still greenish yellow in color.  The unimproved variety has inch long fruits but the improved jujubes look similar to a small pear. The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. The Chinese dry the fruit to make tea. The Jujube tree in my yard came from a friend who told me she had a date tree that produced lots of fruit. Since I doubted that she had an actual date palm she brought me a bare rooted tree in mid July. I realized quickly that it was a jujube or Chinese date rather than a date palm. Even though I doubted that this tree would grow after being in the heat bare rooted I planted it. To my surprise it grew. Now I have jujube trees in my yard. Today  I  made Jujube Butter and Jujube Sauce. I can not tell the difference between this and actual applesauce and applebutter. When ripe the fruit begin to fall from the tree. Many more will hang on the tree until dry. When I see that many have fallen I then shake the tree inducing them to drop onto my tarp. When I have 8 cups of the fruit I wash them and toss them into my kettle. I cover them in water.  I then boil them 30 minutes until the fruit are soft. I then toss the mixture in my blender. Then I use my  food mill to remove the skins and seeds. Then I add  cook until the ground jujubes are thick. If I want jujube sauce I just add sugar and cinnamon. If I want jujube butter I add cloves and allspice. You may find you want less sugar and spices so add to your taste.

Jujube Butter or Sauce Recipe

4 cups sauce

2cups sugar

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1/4 tablespoon ground cloves

1/8 tablespoon allspice

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4 Responses to Jujube Butter or Jujube Sauce

  1. Sharon Whalen says:

    Can I can the jujube apple butter like I do preserves or would I need to use parafin to seal the jars? How did you keep your butter – refrigerate or what?

    • Sharon- I freeze all of my jellies, jams, and butters. Many years ago I used paraffin to seal jars but the recommendation today is either can or freeze. Jujube butter is wonderful.

  2. Mason Lilly says:

    I don’t understand the part about throwing the cooked fruit in the blender…? Doesn’t that just mince up everything including skins and pits? I removed the pits by hand after cooking about a half hour, and then blended pulp, skins and all. Skins were inseparable then, but the resulting butter (after another hour cooking) was delicious.

    • Mason-
      Thanks for visiting us.I just picked Jujubes yesterday so they are on my mind today too. There is no reason you can’t remove the pits before blending as you suggested. After blending the entire fruit, seeds included, I use a Foley Food Mill that has a blade that pushes the pulp minus the skins and seeds through a colander. I use the food mill for all my jellies and apple and jujube sauces. In addition to removing the seeds and skins it also makes the resulting sauce much finer in texture. Of course some people prefer a courser texture.Just a matter of preference. I prefer the least amount of picking out seeds etc.
      Until yesterday the only Jujubes that I had picked were the un-improved varieties. This year I picked an improved variety. WHat a difference in size. I will have to post a photo of the improved variety.

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