Papaya Jam

Temperatures in the 90’s got me thinking about making Papaya Jam. Papayas love the heat. So I  decided to start making papaya jam.

First some background information. Papaya plants are  tropical so we have take precautions with the plant in most of the state of Texas. My plants were started from seeds that I removed from papayas that came from the grocery store. The seeds were removed from the pulp, cleaned and then immediately planted in potting soil. The first year they grew about three feet tall. I over-wintered the plants in the garage when the temperature got near  freezing. Then in the spring I planted them into my garden. I fertilized them well and continued to do so throughout the season. Not too long after planting the papayas in the soil they began to develop flowers. I got lucky in that several of the plants developed flowers close to the stem, which told me that they were female, while one developed flowers out on a stem making it a male. Sometime you will get a plant that develops complete flowers which provides both male and female within the same flower.  The fruit develops quite rapidly. Eventually the fruit turns yellow. If you have lots of papayas or cold weather is approaching you can even use the green fruit to make a fruit turnover (empanadas). Most people use the papayas strictly for eating fresh. But when you have lots of  fruit, one needs to think of other things to do with it. Temporarily I froze my surplus fruit. To do so I peeled the fruit, removed the seeds, and then cubed it. I then placed it in gallon ziplock freezer bags which I put into the freezer until today.  So of course I decided to make Papaya Jam. I thawed out the fruit and then mashed it up. I measured out 5 cups of the mashed fruit. (I had more left over to make into papaya smoothies.) I added lime juice from my lime tree, and sugar. I cooked the fruit until thick and then added  no-sugar needed pectin. I let it boil for 1 minute. I then poured it into freezer containers. It set up almost immediately. What a heavenly taste. I can’t believe this concoction isn’t on the shelves in every grocery store.

Papaya Jam Recipe

5 cups of ripe papaya

1/4 cup lime juice

5 cups of sugar

1 pkg no-sugar needed pectin

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6 Responses to Papaya Jam

  1. Angela Wolfenden says:

    I am going to try your papaya jam recipe this week. I live in Indonesia and we grow our own also. Never tasted papaya jam before though and Im looking forward to it after all the rubbish they sell at the supermarket. Will this recipe work without adding the pectin? I have never seen it here. Thanks for posting the recipe

    • I googled “buying pectin in Indonesia” and found that it is made in Indonesia from citrus. The article listed suppliers in Indonesia. Also, I suspect you could order it from the internet. Traditionally jams were made without pectin. It requires you to boil the fruit until it is very thick, all the while stirring to keep it from scorching. Since papaya fruit boils down very quickly I would try leaving the fruit very chunky, rather than using a food processor. Be sure you use a tall pot because the fruit mixture plops out of the pan when you cook it for a long time. One trick is after you have boiled the fruit for awhile transfer the jam to the oven and bake it. I would also add more sugar for cooking it without pectin or with standard pectin. Probably 5 or 6 cups total.
      Part of the fun of making jelly and jams is being able to experiment and making the recipe become your own due to that experimentation. Let me know how your jam turns out, regardless of which method you use. Enjoy.

  2. Wendy says:

    making this jam today!! 🙂

  3. Kathleen Carlson says:

    We followed the recipe the first time and made heavenly papaya jam. We followed the recipe the second time and added cayenne pepper and this made out-of-this-world pepper jam!

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