Finding Dewberries and Blackberries

One of the questions people seem to have most often about dewberries and blackberries is where to find them. I have found that railroad right of ways and property that has been disturbed are the best places to find the fruit plants. I was in Beaumont last week and found ripe blackberries behind the hotel where I stayed. They were even growing in the shrubs around the hotel. On the way home from Beaumont we pulled off the road to change drivers. There on the side of the road were ripe blackberries. Even in the state rest stop my wife spotted ripe blackberries. When I recently walked down the railroad tracks near my house I found them on each side of the tracks. I  hiked along a river bank and found them everywhere. Each year that I have been in southern Georgia I could count on finding them along the country road ditches and along the edges of the woods. I have found blackberries in almost every state in which I have traveled. Look in land that had been cleared within the last several years. I just keep my eyes out and they seem to find me. And by the way, if you haven’t gathered by now, they are ripe and waiting for you. Since the biggest question asked for this site is where to find dewberries or blackberries, let me know if you are able to find them near you and what month and day you find them.

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