I have picked blackberries all over the country but have not picked Texas dewberries. Last summer I even paid to pick blackberries at a upick location. The berries were huge and sweeter than the wild ones. Today, however,  I stumbled on a large patch of dewberry bushes. I walked along a dirt road next to a railroad track and there were so many vines along the ground I couldn’t believe it.  The plants are just starting to develop new growth for the year. They should soon be flowering so I will keep an eye open for that. The only problem I could see is that there is lots of standing water nearby so I had better wear my rubber gardening boots the next time I go there.

For those wondering, dewberries are a  type of blackberry that grows parallel to the ground. The standard blackberry grows its canes upright. This means I will be bending over more to pick the fruit.

I have decided that I am going to think of what kinds of other fruit juice I can add to blackberry jelly. I am also going to try dewberry jam but I will only use some of the seeds because I am not crazy about all those seeds in my teeth.

If the birds don’t hog all the berries I hope to even make Dewberry Pie.

I was also pleased to see cattails growing near the blackberries. I can utilize most of the plant. More on that later even though I don’t make jelly or jams from cattails.

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2 Responses to Dewberries

  1. Harriett says:

    Know exciting! I have RxR tract behind my house. I’ll have to go searching there. Btw what’s the difference between jam and jelly. I know, domb question. O well-Harriett

  2. TexasJellyMaker says:

    Jelly is made by removing all the seeds and pulp. It then is clear. Jam on the other hand is made with the pulp and possibly the seeds. Jam can be made without pectin whereas jelly needs pectin. The pectin is what makes it jell. Some fruit, such as apples, have their own pectin while others need it added. I use pectin in all my jellies and even most of my jams to ensure that they jell.

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