Today I upgraded about 75 groundcherry plants from the seeds I had planted several weeks ago. I absolutely love groundcherries but never have enough so this year I am determined to grow enough plants, even if I have to grow them in 5 gallon containers. I have made them into groundcherry pies in the past but never made jelly or jam with them. Last season I truly did not get enough for pies or jelly but had enough to start new plants. Some of you may be wondering what in the world a groundcherry is. It is a relative of the tomato, and a close cousin to a tomatillo. Like a tomatillo it has a husk around the fruit. Unlike the tomatillo a groundcherry does not fill out the husk. Another name for groundcherry is husk tomato. The fruit is yellow and somewhat sweet.

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2 Responses to Groundcherries

  1. Harriett says:

    What do you mean upgrade?

    • Upgrade means that I took the small seedlings that had developed the first true leaves (in contrast to the round “seed”or cotyledon leaves) and removed them from the container that held over 100 seedling and put them into individual 4″pots.

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